Top 10 new webtoon recommendations for 2021

Here we are, roughly a year into this pandemic. Life has not changed much. Yet, life continues in its own way as we succumb to the comfort of doing everything from home. As we confine ourselves in the walls of our house, we yearn for forms of entertainment, to distract ourselves. We resort to movies, to books, and to something that is in between: webtoons. With pictures, and storylines, webtoons can be a great form of distraction for anyone. To kick start your 2021 in style, let @uncultured_schwien recommend some new awesome webtoons for you to read. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Through his eyes

1. Through his eyes: Short-story drama, webtoon rating: 9.80

Sometimes, we all just need to let it out and cry! If you are ever in this mood, this somber letter disguised in the form of a short comic is the perfect fit for you. Not short of symbolism, this comic is praised by its readers for its beautiful art, and the heart wrenching feel that it evokes. While it is not a new webtoon, we believe that it is severely underrated, hence its appearance on this list.

Secret Playlist

2. Secret Playlist: Romance, webtoon rating: 9.68

Ever imagine what it would be like to be an upcoming, faceless cover-artist and have a famous idol singer reach out to you for a collaboration? Hanju, the protagonist of Secret Playlist, never imagined that this would occur to her. Thus, the dilemma appears as such: To reveal her cover or to not? Follow along on this journey of connecting the dots and secrecy.

Great Gatsby

3. Great Gatsby: Drama, Historical, webtoon rating: 9.63

We know the book, we know the movie, so what does this webtoon offer us? Through an immense amount of detail, this webtoon reimagines this classic tale through the predominant hues of yellow and orange. The story, as told by a black creator, features some characters as PoC. Step into glamour, fashion, party, but also layered with sadness, loneliness, and betrayal. Although the webtoon only gets updated monthly, it is one that deserves to be on your list.

Men of Harem

4. Men of Harem: Fantasy, webtoon rating: 9.74

Breaking the glass ceiling one man at a time, this webtoon serves you a powerful female lead fantasy. The story goes: a powerful empress who challenges the norm of her nation through five young men with different backgrounds to join her Harem. However, life has wronged her in many ways: the betrayal from the man she loved, and the mysterious assassination of her father. If you love a strong female lead, this one’s for you.

Garden Club Detective Squad

5. Garden Club Detective Squad: Mystery, webtoon rating: 9.74

Relief your detective Conan fantasy — join this detective squad. Here are some hints: there’s a 15 year old murder mystery; there is a notebook that contains the clue to it; it happened on a middle school ground. The responsibility of finding the culprit now rests on the hands of Yeon Han and the members of the gardening club. But, how would their journey to solving this mystery will play out, when the principle and teachers are bent on hiding this murder? Follow along to find out!

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

6. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower: Action, webtoon rating: 9.72

What do you need more than slashing some good old monsters. 12 years ago, a man was trapped inside a tower filled with regenerating monsters. Escaped from it, the man, Hyeonu Kim, emerges as someone whose power is unrivaled. He has one goal: to find out who was behind his imprisonment. As a reader wrote, this is a “mix of Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan, and Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon all rolled into one webtoon”. So if this sounds enticing to you, give this webtoon a read!

Like Wind on a Dry Branch

7. Like Wind on a Dry Branch: Fantasy, webtoon rating: 9.83

Let’s dig up what you know about the classic Cinderella story and throw it out of the window. This webtoon offers you a prince, a commoner (a widow) who caught his eyes. But, the story is one that is far from bright and shiny. The widow awaits to be buried alive as per the dying wish of a nobleman, and suddenly, there he was, the feared outcast prince saved her from her death. But, would it have been better that she died, or saved by the prince that everyone feared?

Romance 101

8. Romance 101: Romance, webtoon rating: 9.74

Sometimes, a good romance story is all we need. The protagonist, Bareum, is a woman who is determined to live her life to the fullest — even if that means filling up her day to the maximum and not having time for a break (like all of us, she runs on a crazy amount of coffee. But, what Bareum desperately wants the most, is a date. Will she be able to achieve that, or will her inexperience be the cause of her downfall? Plus, who would it be with: her friend’s hot coworker or his bad-tempered friend?


9. Elena: Horror, webtoon rating: 9.53

Anyone need a good spook to spice up their day? Elena is a story of a man who is obsessed with a woman. He kept her corpse and killed those who figured out his secret. According to a comment, this webtoon is based on the true story of Carl Tanzler and Elena de Hoyos. Would you do anything for love? Can love drive you into insanity? Romantic or horrific — you decide.

Lalin’s Curse

10. Lalin’s Curse season 2: Supernatural, webtoon rating: 9.87

Famous for its plot twists, binge worthy, loved by many, Lalin’s curse season 1 left its reader thirsty for more. What happens now as Arhiel appeared with the Lalin’s curse symbol on her? So many questions to be answered. Season 2 is scheduled for this year, which hopefully, will answer all our impending questions.

Well, that concludes our top 10 list of notable webtoons that you should check out this year. Some new stories mixed with some old gems that deserve more attention. We hope you enjoy this cross-genre list, and if you have more recommendations, do not hesitate to come and tell us all about it on our twitter @uncultured_schwein.

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