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Here we are, roughly a year into this pandemic. Life has not changed much. Yet, life continues in its own way as we succumb to the comfort of doing everything from home. As we confine ourselves in the walls of our house, we yearn for forms of entertainment, to distract ourselves. We resort to movies, to books, and to something that is in between: webtoons. With pictures, and storylines, webtoons can be a great form of distraction for anyone. To kick start your 2021 in style, let @uncultured_schwien recommend some new awesome webtoons for you to read. What are you…

3 AM.

You did it again! Stayed up all night to read/ binge your favourite Webtoon.

Your eyes grow tired as you close your phone, alas, you have completed the last chapter. But when one medium ends, another one begins — and that is the beauty of transmedia storytelling. We have sourced far and wide, to come up with a comprehensive list of 10 webtoon adaptations (cross-genres) that you cannot miss out on. …

In 2015, Scarlett Johansson played an Asian character in the adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, sparking outrage among PoC. A petition was created which begs: “The original film is set in Japan, and the major cast members are Japanese. So why would the American remake star a white actress?”

A fair question indeed. It is sad to acknowledge that Asian representation in media has never been one to be proud of. A legacy that created and reinforced harmful stereotypes, that till this day, is something we have to overcome.

In critiquing the representation of Asians in the comic industry…

Why Discord is the best platform for online remote working.

Welcome to our Uncultured Schwein server!

We’ve all had to improvise while having to work from home this year. We now know that operating an entirely online working environment comes with its share of difficulties: communication issues, differences in work ethic, a lack of clarity and direction, to name a few. COVID-19 made it so that 88% of organizations have encouraged their staff to work from home, but the effects of the pandemic on remote workers have made it even tougher. …

We ask that you show some love to all of these artists so that creators can continue to thrive and create amazing content

We know that the cultural and creative sector has probably been hit harder than any other during this year’s events. Conventions and pretty much every other event related to comics have had to turn digital, and life has moved online for the most part. In times like these, it’s hugely important to share other people’s art, creative work, or donate to crowdfunded events if you can afford to, to empower their platforms. …

Meet our Libra Piggy! Happy Libra season!

Katy Perry once said “I believe in a lot of astrology” — and honestly, we admire that. Astrology dates back to around 2400 years ago to the Babylonians who developed their own form of horoscope. Today, we are acquainted with two predominant forms of horoscope: the Western Zodiac (based on birth date) and the Chinese Zodiac (based on birth year).

So looking at the stars can tell us about ourselves?

We’re glad you ask, but technically, it’s more complex than that. Western Astrology functions on the belief that planets and stars alignments — depending on when and what time you’re…

Agents of the Realm, SOURCE

In part 1, we discussed the importance of including Black heroes in comics, as well as giving Black creators the space to create their own uplifting characters and stories. The mainstream comics industry neglected the importance of POC characters for many years — but this only pushed independent artists and publications to evolve.

Now, we’d like to shift your focus to the importance of the Black female in comics, and how that came to be. While there have been male Black characters as early as the 1960s, Black female characters were and still are a neglected demographic in comics.


“There is no caped crusader coming to change this, but there is the creativity of writers and artists who take risks to capture the zeitgeist of our culture, imperfectly bringing hope to Black children’s imaginations.”

While we’ve been seeing some growth of positive representation of PoC in mainstream media, it’s nowhere near where it should be. PoC characters still tend to be the second choice for mainstream publishers. Black characters in comic books have primarily dealt with the unfair share of being sidekicks to the white main characters. Although the number of characters on screen and the pages of comic…

Our top picks from anime, comic books, and mangas that have created powerful queer spaces.

Remember the times when you were sitting in front of the TV, or reading a comic after school, being totally captivated by your favorite heroes every time they appeared? Those were the good days. We previously talked about comic book characters that represent the queer community, which sparked a passionate discussion between our colleagues in Uncultured Schwein. It seems that everyone has that one special LGBTQ+ character they look up to.

Today we are paying tribute to the characters that influenced our colleagues the most throughout their lives; to dive deeper into how they felt with these characters. We took…

“As a child, I longed to see something so simple as this story: just a human tale of a superhero boy meeting a superhero boy.”

Since their beginnings, comics have been sending this message to people of all ages — you can be whoever you want to be, and save the world while you’re at it. In a world where the underdog can become the hero, queer people have not always been visible. The stories of the LGBTQ+ community were rarely told in comics, causing queer fans to feel hidden, tokenized, and neglected.

Uncultured Schwein

A young digital comic publisher with the goal to utilize transmedia storytelling in the comic world to tell empowering stories for today’s generation

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