12 Webtoons you need to read based on your Zodiac

Meet our Libra Piggy! Happy Libra season!

Katy Perry once said “I believe in a lot of astrology” — and honestly, we admire that. Astrology dates back to around 2400 years ago to the Babylonians who developed their own form of horoscope. Today, we are acquainted with two predominant forms of horoscope: the Western Zodiac (based on birth date) and the Chinese Zodiac (based on birth year).

So looking at the stars can tell us about ourselves?

We’re glad you ask, but technically, it’s more complex than that. Western Astrology functions on the belief that planets and stars alignments — depending on when and what time you’re born — influence an individual’s mood, personality, along with their environment. In that sense, the 12 horoscopes are used to make predictions about one’s personal life, describe one’s personality, and through which advice can be given.

In following that definition, those who are under the same horoscope should share common characteristics. Thus, it is brought to our attention that we can give you advice on which Webtoon to read based on your zodiac sign. Now the disclaimer should be rolling: while we attempt, with our best effort, to cater specific Webtoons according to your zodiac, remember that not everyone under the same horoscope is the same. Perhaps you will find yourself relating to some traits of other zodiac signs as well.

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I Love Yoo, Shin-Ae (middle)

I Love Yoo: Aries (21/3–19/4)

To be an Aries is to live with a burning passion. We’re talking about investing a lot of time, and energy into everything — may it be friendship, family, or relationship. If you’re looking for a Webtoon that is drama-filled, with just a small splash of romance, look no further because we have the perfect recommendation for you. I Love Yoo is a Webtoon that centers around Shin-Ae, who did not want anything to do with romance. Why? According to her, people “kinda suck”. However, after an accidental spillage of orange juice on a stranger’s clothes, her life took a turn. From there on, Shin-Ae’s world was full of new, fresh adventures. From establishing social connections, making friends, to finding love for herself, she navigated life in her own manners through facing challenges head-on. Strong-willed, independent, but sometimes pessimistic, Shin-Ae grows as a character throughout the Webtoon. So if you’re ever in the mood for something not outwardly romantic, layered with an intricate story about friendship, family, societal hierarchical structure, and hardship, then we highly recommend this Webtoon to you.


Edith: Taurus (20/4–20/5)

Ever felt like chances slipped through, and you find it hard to move on? Or shall we say you felt as though “the one that got away”? Perhaps you can relate to Edith, from the Webtoon of the same name. She has an entire fiasco going on. For her, love is complicated. Edith is this gentle soul but incredibly lost. She does not cope well nor does she like change — a very Taurus trait indeed. When her world came crashing down, with her being unable to publish her novel, Edith lost her direction in life. Not only that, she desperately craves an intimate relationship with someone, but she just didn’t know where to start. She is stuck debating on who to love — is it Phillip, her hot model neighbor, or is it Jack, who was her close friend in high school who she had a massive crush on. Thus the dilemma strikes: Who is the one?

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Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus: Gemini (21/5–20/6)

Geminis are creatures of modern times. They are so well versed in current trends and are incredible at adapting to different situations. With these characteristics in mind, our team highly recommends twists of fantasy/known legends and lore driven stories, in particular: Lore Olympus. This Webtoon puts a unique twist on Greek Mythology, in focusing on Persephone (Kore), the Goddess of Vegetation, and her relationship with Hades, the King of the Underworld. Set in our times, the story deals with contemporary issues of sexual assault, of fitting in, and of mental health issues. What is unique to Lore Olympus, is that it takes a tale that we are well acquainted with and twists it into a beautiful, yet difficult modern romance. We all know the ending to their relationship, but this Webtoon takes us on a journey of self-discovery, self-growth, and self-worth under Persephone’s perspective to highlight the inherent issues in today’s society.

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My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend: Cancer (21/6–22/7)

We truly appreciate Cancers for their unconditional love. They highly value friendship, family, and relationships. Overall, they are just incredibly wholesome people. What is more perfect for such loving individuals than the Webtoon My Giant Nerd Boyfriend? This Webtoon is under the slice of life genre, in which it depicts a funny and relatable look to the little family of the author — nicknamed Fishball- with her boyfriend and their dog, Biscuit. Through her fun and lighthearted art style, we get a glimpse into their daily lives, what they struggled on, and most importantly, their relationship with their friends and family. We recommend reading this Webtoon if you are ever feeling down and need a boost. It is such an easy and funny read and will leave you feeling all warm and bubbly inside.


#Killstagram: Leo (23/7–22/8)

Under a lot of circumstances, Leos follow this approach: confidence is key. Being confident has its many benefits: you appear in control, strong, charismatic, and it effectively keeps you the center of the attention. Let us introduce you to a character who is confident and attempting to live her life to the fullest: Remi Do from #Killstagram. She’s a super pretty and famous influencer on social media with a massive fan base and great brand sponsorship. From an outside perspective, she’s living the life that everyone wants. However, underneath it all, her life isn’t as easy as you think; she has a bad past, and let’s not forget to mention that she has a crazy serial-killing stalker who follows her every move. It’s a scary world out there for Remi. Thus, a big question remains: how will she gain control of her life?


Eleceed: Virgo (23/8–22/9)

When it comes to solving tough problems, no one can do this better than Virgos. Virgos possess analytical minds. They can break down a problem into small parts to work with and will always offer solid solutions. If you’re looking for a Webtoon that is filled with puzzles, clues, and unexpected twists, how about giving Eleceed a try? This Webtoon talks about a crime-fighting duo, battling against those forces that would let evil rule the world. Yet, there’s a catch. One is a young adult who has somehow harnessed the quick lightning reflex of a cat, and one is a human stuck in a fat, old, fluffy cat body. Well, let us give him a little more credit: he’s a secret agent on the run who is extremely intelligent. They both have the same dream: to make the world a better place. Together, they become a constantly bickering dynamic duo that fights evil. So if you enjoy some crime-solving, action-filled, and funny Webtoon, then Eleceed is the one for you.


#muted: Libra (23/9–22/10)

What we absolutely love about Libras is their sense of fairness. Libras are diplomatic, and they strive to treat everyone equally. With that trait in mind, we think you would greatly enjoy #muted. This Webtoon tells the story of a blooming love between two boys: Jasper and Kai. Jasper first saw Kai from working as a librarian and has developed a crush on this mysterious stranger ever since. He notes that Kai comes by to read and sit at the same places most of the time. However, up until their first meeting, Jasper was unaware that Kai doesn’t speak. Despite that, it does not stop him from continuing to try and start a conversation with his crush. Their communication is tested, yet Jasper never gives up. Together, they create this cute dynamic that just works so well together. We highly recommend reading this if you’re into something sweet, soft, that nonetheless exhibits that love transcends all boundaries if given a fair chance.

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Lookism: Scorpio (23/10–21/11)

Scorpios enjoy many things in life, and one of them is to uncover the truth. They are independent, driven, and they never hesitate to sacrifice for others. We highly recommend checking out Lookism when you’re in the mood for digging deep into uncovering the dark side of society. This Webtoon dips into the Korean high school culture and the strict beauty standard. This story is one that is not at all glamorous or pretty. The protagonist is one who lives a double life. We first see him as Park Hyung Suk, an unpopular and overweight high school student who was constantly bullied by Logan Lee. Frustrated by this treatment, and wanting to run away, he asks his mother for a school transfer. Upon moving to Seoul, a few nights before he starts his new life, he suddenly obtains a new body, under the name of Daniel Park, that is considered attractive. From then on, he lives this double life and comes to understand just how society readily discriminates against people based on physical looks.

Siren’s Lament

Siren’s Lament: Sagittarius (22/11–21/12)

According to Sagittarius, being open-minded is extremely crucial. Fueled by their curiosity, Sagittarius travel to understand the world around them, resulting in high intelligence and their open-minded attitude. However, open-mindedness doesn’t come easy and overnight. Lyra, the protagonist of Siren’s Lament, learned it the hard way. She is an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. She’s somewhat who you would call a wallflower. One day, her world and what she knows is flipped upside down. Being plunged into the world of sirens, Lyra has lots to learn. Not only does she have to accept that the world as she knows is bigger than she could imagine, but she also needs to figure out how to lift her curse. Follow along with Lyra’s story to witness her growth as a character through a series of adventures and curveballs, but exciting and eye-opening.

My Dear Cold Blooded King

My Dear Cold Blooded King: Capricorn (22/12–19/1)

If you believe that hard work pays off, then you would love the incredibly hard-working group of individuals: Capricorns. Their never give up attitude is inspiring and respectable. If you believe in the aforementioned motto, let us introduce you to the story of Mei, the protagonist of My Dear Cold Blooded King. She’s born a humble pleasant who lives life peacefully, passing day by day as a merchant at the capitol. However, life has much more destined for her. One day, she faces a deadly challenge against dangerous royal assassins. From then on, the course of her life changes completely. Mei uses her hard-working attitude, and her never-give-up mentality to navigate life at the palace. In a strange place away from home, her perseverance keeps her grounded, and helps her earn respect from the king. Soon enough, she proves to be an important ally and right-hand. This historical romance will take you through a journey of character development, with Mei proving her skills, her intelligence and on top of all defies people’s expectations (especially from powerful men) — all thanks to her hard-work.


UnOrdinary: Aquarius (20/1–18/2)

We love Aquarius for always being their unapologetic self. They love unique and uncommon things and they own it. If you’re in the mood to explore a character that is unconventional in his world, try UnOrdinary. John, the protagonist, is enrolled in a high school where the social elite has intense power and crazy abilities. John appears to be a normal teenager, who did not have the best high school experience due to him being picked on by others belonging to higher social orders. However, unknown to others, John was no ordinary person. He has a dark secret that threatens this entire social hierarchy. It is then left to him to decide what to do. Will he finally embrace his secret and use it for good? Needless to say, it is a long and treacherous, but extremely exciting battle to fight.


Muted: Pisces (19/2–20/3)

Has anyone ever told you that you have your head in the cloud? We’re here to tell you that daydreaming is a very distinct Pisces trait. Camille Severin from the Webtoon Muted is the same. Wait, Muted again? Now, before we get all confused, this one is a whole different series. Camille has lived very sheltered with her aunt’s family in their coven trying to perfect her witchcraft, and her life is a big mystery. Camille exists in her own little bubble, with her only friend being her cousin. However, things change, when on her 21st birthday, she is expected to summon forth a winged demon (such as a crow) in a traditional ritual for her family prosperity and success. However, the ritual did not go as expected, revealing truths about herself, her origin, which can threaten to tear the family apart. As she runs away from home, she discovers the world outside of her bubble and is confronted with sudden changes. This Webtoon is one filled with nature, spirituality, and some romance; we highly recommend checking it out.

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From our understanding, as of July 14th, 2020, it was announced that there is a new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, which nestles in between Scorpio and Saggitarius. The idea of this new zodiac sign makes us scream, and so will this Webtoon — The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmare. So for those of you who are going through an identity crisis, this one’s for you.

In coming back to Katy Perry’s quote at the beginning, we leave you with: your zodiac is a part of you, that others are never gonna ever take it away from you (yes, we’re referencing Part of Me). We know that finding Webtoons that fit your taste and personality can be difficult, as there is such a vast pool of options to choose from. Fret not, we have also been there. Therefore, we ask that you rely on the traits inherited from your zodiac. Also rely on us at Uncultured Schwein, for we breathe and live comics! Thus, we hope you find yourself enjoying the Webtoons we suggested, and if you do, follow us on Instagram @uncultured_schwein for our weekly segment of Webtoons recommendation based on your zodiac!